Horse Livery

at RideJozi Equestrian Ranch

RideJozi is a non-competitive horse riding ranch in Lanseria. Our horses live happily all together in one big herd. We are ideal for retirement or youngsters needing to live a herd life before starting training.

RideJozi is a happy, relaxed and very easy going farm where we all just want our horses to live happily like horses. We are a yard with no competition and just good old fun on the farm.

We offer natural live out-livery as well as stabled livery. Our horses are all kept in one big herd and we provide natural herd integration. There are phenomenal benefits of herd living and the horse as a whole benefit from this lifestyle. Our horses do not get bored or depressed and are mentally and physically healthier and happier.

Here at RideJozi are mainly here to have fun and explore the fun outrides, there are hills to play on, paths to gallop, dams to swim in and rivers to cross.

We have wonderful grooms that are very knowledgeable and live right next to the horses so are close by all night for any emergencies. All own farriers, vets, dentists, instructors welcome. If you are looking for Livery In Johannesburg, look no further, RideJozi is the perfect place for your horse.

Livery Details

Stabling is R4450 per month for stabled or R3900 per month live out, and includes the following: 

  • 2 meals daily
  • Ad lib eragrostis
  • Daily grooming with temperature checks
  • Fly spray
  • Grass Jumping arena
  • Lunge ring
  • Small cross country jumps
  • Secure tackroom
  • Ample outride space
  • Regular yard events
  • Knowledgeable Managers, grooms and instructors
  • Own instructor welcome.
  • Continuous improvement of yard facility and structure

One Month Free

When signing up to a 12 month livery program.