Welcome to our farm…

Ridejozi is an equestrian farm where horses live like horses,in one big happy and healthy herd. It was opened with the idea of being able to let horses live as naturally as possible in our built up world and to share my knowledge and experience of keeping horses healthy and happy- not to suit us as humans but to suit our horses.  Ridejozi is my little piece of heaven that I want to share with people who need that getaway as much as I do.

At Ridejozi we offer trail rides that are truly an experience for all! We do champagne breakfast trails, overnight trails,swimming with your horse, and many more.

Trail riding teaches independence- It is easy for a rider to depend on arena fences to help control their horse, with trail riding ,the horse is under your control and your control only. Open spaces can often test our horse’s respect for us as their rider, and can make us aware of communication issues that we need to work on.

We offer adult beginner, intermediate and kids lessons in a fun relaxed environment.

We also have gift vouchers available for the trails – they make amazing gifts for horse lovers!

We are not your average livery yard as we keep our horses altogether in one big herd- horses are herd animals by nature! We are not a competitive yard and our liveries mostly ride trails and enjoy spending time with the horses and farm animals.

Jozi Courses – We offer excellent equestrian health courses that are an absolute must for every yard, horse owner and groom. Courses are held at our yard or we travel to your yard.

Jozi Clothing- our latest addition to Ridejozi. It is our own comfy and gorgeous equestrian clothing brand. Have a look at the online shop page.

Jozi Feeds is a branch of Ridejozi that supplies organic equestrian products and WES feeds. Please see full list of products on www.jozifeeds.co.za

Please come relax with us any weekend from 9am-4pm and meet our other farm friends … you are welcome to bring your own little picnic to enjoy around our horses, and be sure to bring some treats for Peppa pig ,Madonna the cow and Rodney and Rita the goats.