Who We are

Horses are the very heart and soul of our business, be it with horse trails, livery or retirement or parties and functions. Our philosophy is to manage our horses as a natural free herd within large spaces for natural grazing, rather than small individual paddocks. Horses are by nature, herd animals and we strive to let them have that sense of freedom.

Our horses are at ease with each other and in this kind of environment, which generates calm and content natures, resulting in us being able to offer our guests willing, calm, happy and safe rides. We have a herd of 28 horses between both our venues.

Horseback Safaris

Our safari horses who are based at the Lion & Safari Park, have been selected from our herd for their endurance, courage and responsiveness. It takes a very special and particular temperament to be a trail horse, and we are so lucky to have absolute gems with us, who we make sure get the best of care, love and everything they would ever need. They work very hard ,for us to be able to enjoy a safari on horseback through the beautiful reserve, and we have the utmost respect for them in return. Nearly every one of them have been rescued or needed a home, and a lot of time and love has gone into getting them properly rehabilitated and trained to be able to be trail horses in such an exciting venue. Each horse has a very special story and place in our hearts.


At the Ridejozi Equestrian Ranch in Lanseria, we offer incredible herd life livery services to our clients that want their horses to live as naturally as possible, yet still get the best of the best care! We love seeing our horses happy and free! We have beautiful stables aswell as live-out, and have gorgeous trails to ride for hours! We are a non competitive yard only.

Farm Animals

Ridejozi is home to all types of animals that have needed a loving place to live a happy free life. We are fortunate enough to have some very special farm animals with us that love it when you come visit them. Each one loves getting attention and treats from our visitors, and you will usually be greeted warmly at reception on arrival from some of them.

Pony Parties

We have a lovely area around our little dam under beautiful trees, with picnic benches. We host all sorts of parties and functions here, and do pony rides for the kiddies here too. You are more than welcome to bring a picnic and relax, while the farm animals and ponies come to greet you. All our parties, functions and pony rides are based at our Ridejozi Equestrian Ranch in Lanseria. 


Our ranch is a beautiful special venue for photographic shoots too!