at RideJozi Equestrian Ranch

RideJozi offers a variety of lesson structures from 5 year of age and up. Regular riding lessons as well as relationship based horsemanship lessons are our main focus.

Our main aim is to build confidence in rider and horse alike and believe that horseriding can be fun, informative and safe all at once. Safety comes first, therefore we encourage our riders to spend as much time on the ground with their trusted steeds as they do in the saddle as this fosters the bond between them.

Each lesson is tailored to the individuals needs and requirements and considers the riders capacity and ability. We are a non- competitive riding school that is blessed to be  surrounded by beautiful nature spaces that we utilize for outrides where our riders have the opportunity to practice the skills that they have obtained in the arena.

Horse Riding Lessons

R200 for 30 minutes I R280 for 45 minutes 
For beginners and intermediate children and adults 

Pony Pals

R300 I Every 1st Thursday of the month 15:00 – 16:30

Kids program, teaching kids all about horses and how to take care of horses. 

Groundwork Lessons

R250 for 30-45 minutes

Teaches you how to communicate on the ground and build a bond with the horse