Livery & Lessons

Ridejozi is a happy ,relaxed and very easy going farm where we all just want our horses to live happily like horses. We are a yard with no competition and just good old fun on the farm.

We offer natural live out-livery as well as stabled livery when required. Our horses are all kept in one big herd and we provide natural herd integration. There are phenomenal benefits of herd living and the horse as a whole benefits from this lifestyle. Our horses do not get bored or depressed and are mentally and physically healthier and happier.
We do have a jumping arena and a rubber chip dressage arena for those that want, but we all here at Ridejozi are mainly here to have fun and explore the incredible outrides we have.

We have wonderful grooms that are very knowledgeable and live right next to the horses so are close by all night for any emergencies. All own farriers, vets, dentists, instructors welcome.

Livery rates
R3000pm live out livery. R3600pm stabled. We do offer discounted rates for more than one horse. Livery includes the following: Outdoor living or stabled at night, Concentrates twice or three times daily (WES feeds or any special foods as required), Eragrostis during the night and daily grooming. Horses are out all day with beautiful natural grazing. We always have horses for baiting- Full bait R2500pm and half bait R1500pm.

Lessons are available for beginners, kids and those that do want to go a bit further with jumping. We have 3 different inhouse instructors.

Please take a look at the gallery below for pics.