Health Care 1 & 2

The courses we offer are based on the essential information that every horse owner and yard staff should know to ensure horses are healthy. All courses include full notes, a certificate of attendance and practicals. The courses are offered at Ridejozi on certain dates, and we travel to you. All prices include travelling within 15km of Ridejozi. Any further will be at extra cost per km. Full payment is required to secure your booking. A minimum of 5 people per course is required.

  • Health Care 1

The level 1 health care course is a fantastic course for every single horse person around! It is the absolute MUST KNOW essentials in detail. This course is great for head grooms that understand the basics already. This is by far the most popular course.

This course covers the following, and includes aspects of the Groom Course:
First aid in detail
Teeth and Feet
Everyday management

  • Health Care 2

This course is for those that have completed level 1 and would like a more in depth look into health care. This is a very interesting course as we cover things that are not the usually discussed often.

This course covers the following:
Injecting horses
First aid in detail plus snakebites and Euthanasia.
Nutrition in detail plus supplements.
Pre-purchase examinations.
Teeth and feet in detail.