Jozi Courses

The courses we offer are based on the essential information that every horse owner and yard staff should know to ensure horses are healthy. The courses are not registered anywhere and are purely aimed at improving the knowledge of owners and grooms so their horses can have the best care.

All courses include the course notes sent on email and a certificate of completion. The courses are offered at Ridejozi on the first weekend of every month, and we travel to you too. All prices include travelling within 15km of Ridejozi. Any further will be at R3.70 extra cost per km. Full payment is required to secure your booking. A minimum of 5 people is required per course.

We offer the same courses below as online courses at R150 a course. You will be sent all the course notes and a completion certificate. Special for all 3 courses at R400. These are purely informative courses to expand your own knowledge.

Weekend course retreat R1850pp
Our weekend packages are a fantastic weekend away while learning about your horse too! Friday and Saturday nights are spent at our B&B- Offgrid farm. On Saturday we hold the groom course and Sunday the health care combined course. Light snacks are included for lunches on both days. Practicals are done on our own horses.
Groom course - R400pp
This course is aimed at every new groom starting out and is the basics of every grooms main responsibilities to ensure horses are looked after correctly.

This course covers the following:

Grooming correctly plus hooves
Feeding basics
Insect control
Signs of a healthy horse
Parts of a horse
Emergency care and Basic first aid & diseases

Health Care 1 -R400pp
The level 1 Health Care course is a fantastic course for every single horse person as it is the absolute MUST KNOW essentials- it is detailed and practical. This course is great for head grooms that understand the basics already. This is by far the most popular course.

This course covers the following:

First aid
Common illness
Feeding and nutrition
Manure management

Health Care 2 -R400pp
This course is for those that have completed level 1 and would like a more in depth look into health care. This is a very interesting course as we cover things that are not usually discussed.

This course covers the following:

Recap basics of HC 1.
Snake bites
Pre purchase exams
First aid and illness in more detail.

2020 course dates to be held at Ridejozi:

  • November 7/8
  • December 5/6