Horse Livery In Johannesburg

As much as we would all love to live on huge properties where we could have our horses’ home with us, unfortunately, for the majority of horse owners in South Africa this is not possible.

This means that most people are forced to putting their horses into livery and trusting stable managers to care for them when we’re not around.


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Livery stables are privately owned stables that are available for other horse owners to keep their horses at in return for a monthly fee. Livery stables differ in size, function, and cost, and finding the right one to keep your horse at is essential.

Choosing a Livery yard to keep your horse at can be a difficult decision as there are many factors to consider that will suit both your horse and your needs. The type of livery stable you choose will depend on your location, budget as well as your horse’s needs.
Ride Jozi is a non-competitive, friendly, relaxed, and happy farm located in Farmall, Johannesburg.

Our ethos is to ensure our horses all live together in one big herd. Our stables are perfect for young horses needing to live in a herd before their work begins, and for retired horses.

We offer both live out livery as well as stabled livery. We provide natural herd integration will all our horses being kept in one big herd. We strongly believe in the lifestyle associated with herd living as it fosters a healthy and happy environment for all of our horses, both physically and mentally.

At Ride Jozi, we aim to create a fun, adventurous, and safe environment for both horses and humans alike. Although we mainly focus on exploring outrides with exciting trails, hills, and paths to frolic in as well as rivers and dams to swim in, we do however have a jumping arena and rubber chip dressage arena for those that require this service.

Livery Rates

We pride ourselves in offering exceptional, highly knowledgeable, and trained grooms who live right next to the horses. This means they are close by for any emergency day or night.

Clients are able to use their own vets, dentists, instructors, and farriers.

We offer an affordable stabling fee of R3600 per month stabled or R2900pm live out, which includes the following:

  • Stables / live-out
  • Live in a herd
  • Rubber chip dressage arena
  • Sand jumping arena
  • Awesome trails
  • Herd life integration
  • Grooms live on the property
  • 2 meals a day of concentrates specific for your horse
  • Eragrostis at night
  • Full day incredible grazing
  • Excellent medical care

If you are looking for a happy, safe, and friendly space for your horse, where they can interact with other horses on a daily basis and get the best possible care, let the stables at Ride Jozi take care of your horse. Join me for a horse riding session to explore the surroundings.


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